NYE Advice From … Ne-Yo

Las Vegas’ Grammy-winning singer/producer performs at Pure

ne-yo_by_erik_kabik_WEBWhat’s the key to preparing for a Las Vegas New Year’s Eve? Take a nap that lasts 24 hours prior to that night. Eat lots of bread to soak up the overconsumption of alcohol. Keep a pocket full of breath mints.

How do you pick the right midnight make-out candidate? The cutest girl that’s drunk enough to make it good but not so drunk you get to taste what she ate earlier that day. And then three more like her.

Things to avoid on New Year’s Eve?The person who wants to “reflect,” who wants to talk about how much better the new year is gonna be for them. The person so drunk they pass out in the street. The unattractive girl who’s hovering around you, destined to make you her New Year’s Eve kiss. I could go on.

Any tips for having a truly epic New Year’s Eve? Find the fun people and stay there all night—not the people who wanna talk New Year’s resolutions and stuff. This night is like your last hoorah! Take the year out with a bang—not with an in-depth conversation.

Champagne or shots at midnight? Malibu Red shots all night!

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