Guns, Junkies, German Guitarists


L.A. Guns go off at Vinyl on Jan. 4

Resolve to enjoy more underground live music in 2014? Great, you’ve reached the right column.
In Her Own Words intend to leave people speechless at 5 p.m. January 3 at Eagle Aerie Hall (310 E. Pacific Ave.) in Henderson. These L.A. pop-punkers sound like early, raw Blink-182 or a Saves the Day 2.0—just guitar riffs and vocal hooks and nothing more. In Her Own Words is touring in support of their EP Everything I Used to Trust, released last summer. It features raucous tracks such as “What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say?” in which more than a mere cookie crumbles—a whole relationship falls apart bitterly, too. Great band. Also on the bill: For the Win, Seasons Change, Tonight We Fight, Characters, Victoria Falls and For You, My Lady.

In the mood for some L.A. glam-metal circa the ’80s? Then allow me to suggest L.A. Guns at 9 p.m. January 4 at Vinyl at the Hard Rock. The Guns, with a lineup that includes original singer Phil Lewis and drummer Steve Riley, aim to blow out your earholes with classic Sunset Strip-era cuts such as “Sex Action” and “The Ballad of Jayne.” (Interestingly, the band’s ex-guitarist and founding member Tracii Guns is busy playing in Raiding the Rock Vault at LVH.) Hopefully, L.A. Guns will also perform a few songs from their 2012 disc Hollywood Forever, which is pretty damn good—especially mid-tempo rocker “You Better Not Love Me.” Check ’em out.

If that’s not enough fretboard shredding for you, you’d do well to take in a show by legendary German-born rock guitarist Michael Schenker (UFO, the Scorpions) at 10 p.m. January 7 at LVCS. The 58-year-old is touring in support of last year’s Bridge the Gap album, and his band is tip-top—Wayne Findlay (guitar/keyboards), Rev Jones (bass), Pete Holmes (drums) and ex-Rainbow and Yngwie Malmsteen singer Doogie White. This show’s gonna smoke, I tell you.

Finally, remember toxic shock-rocker GG Allin, who died of a heroin overdose in 1993? Well, his backing band the Murder Junkies, who helped make Allin-penned songs such as “I Kill Everything I Fuck” such instant feel-good classics, never really went away. They continued as a band, covering their late singer’s songs and writing new ones as well. The Junkies even released an album last year, A Killing Tradition, which some critics characterized as being “polished.” Don’t let that fool you. The band can always be counted on to deliver sonic mayhem, and the Junkies’ 10 p.m. January 9 show at the Dive shouldn’t be an exception. If you dig three-chord-banging punk with a few country-music inflections, you’ll adore this. Just make sure you’re caught up on all your shots, please.

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