How To Have a Bangin’ New Year’s Eve Without Breaking the Bank

The countdown lowdown from creator Jack Colton


Photo by Erik Ita

How do I make New Year’s Eve a great night without it costing me a mortgage payment?
This year we are seeing plenty of top-tier nightclubs offering excellent all-inclusive values that will cut your final bar tab of 2013 dramatically by way of two- and three-hour open bars. I recommend checking out the schedules and pricing to see what is the most interesting to both your tastes and budget, and then try to stay on property as much of the night as possible for dinner and clubbing.

What do I get for these all-inclusive New Year’s Eve club tickets?
The vast majority of Las Vegas nightclubs are offering an incentive along with the entry price—which ranges from $30 to $250 depending on the club—and that can include the aforementioned open bars, midnight Champagne toast and/or passed hors d’oeuvres at some venues. It is important to keep in mind that these tickets don’t guarantee any expedited entry, and much of your open bar time may actually be spent waiting to get in if you arrive too close to when doors open.

Is it really worth springing for a bottle?

This completely depends on the person and their financial situation. New Year’s Eve weekend table prices are the highest of the year as club ropes are mobbed from everyone wanting to get in and celebrate. Your best bet is to get quotes from the nightclubs you are interested in beforehand, and then compare how much you and your friends would spend anyway on entry and rounds of drinks. If the difference makes having a place to sit and not waiting in line seem worth it, then it is.

What if I want to see the fireworks on the Strip and then hit the clubs?
This isn’t a bad idea. After the countdown has passed, most nightclub ropes are a little less hectic, and there is a pretty good chance that you will be able to get in without paying the higher New Year’s Eve cover charge. Inside, you’ll begin to see the nightclub turn into more of a typical party night as people who have been drinking since 9 p.m. (or earlier) are replaced with an entirely new crowd, and you can continue your efforts toward your first hangover of 2014