Otakon Brings Asian Pop Culture Flair to Planet Hollywood


Thursday, Jan. 2

Think government workers aren’t creative? Today is the last day of the Public Employee Art Exhibit, which despite its generic title will prove you wrong. This show features the work of 18 city, county and school district employees, all of whom apparently spend some of their desk time dreaming up fabulous art. 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m. in the City Hall Chamber Gallery. ArtsLasVegas.org.

Friday, Jan. 3

From the geek/nerd desk comes this exciting bit of news: The very first Otakon Vegas event begins today and runs through Sunday at Planet Hollywood. If you’re into anime and East Asian pop culture, then you probably already know about the annual Otakon gatherings in Baltimore. This is the West Coast version, and should satisfy your need for comics, costumes and video without the traveling. Tickets: $25-$45; OtakonVegas.com.

Saturday, Jan. 4

Yo, hackers: Instead of putting your skills to work doing evil, why not employ them to create the next killer app? Attending the AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon, today and Sunday at the Palms, is your first step. This year’s theme is wearable technology. Now get coding. DevSummit.att.com.

Sunday, Jan. 5

Budding scientists will want to be at the Springs Preserve on weekends through Feb. 23 at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. for Mad Science Mania, a live, interactive show that invites kids (and parents) into the lab for a look at how cool science really is. SpringsPreserve.org.

Monday, Jan. 6

5th Wall Gallery, inside the Emergency Arts Building on Fremont Street, is celebrating its first anniversary with Space Time Engagement, an exhibit of three separate, yet intertwined, works by more than 25 Las Vegas artists examining where the gallery has been, and where it’s going. Through Feb. 15. 5thWallGallery.com.

Tuesday, Jan. 7

Combine the wildly catchy tunes of ABBA with a syrupy story of love on a Greek island, and you have the runaway Broadway hit Mamma Mia! And today through Jan. 12, you have it right here at The Smith Center. Tickets: $26-$129; TheSmithCenter.com.

Wednesday, Jan. 8

Pandas are, of course, extremely cute. They are also the stars of a new show at the Palazzo Theatre called, appropriately enough, Panda! Before you go getting all excited about petting one, understand that these pandas are really skilled Chinese acrobats in panda costumes, telling an epic story of love and personal growth in the Far East. That’s even better in our book. Through Feb. 28; Tickets: $48-$128; Palazzo.com.