A Stay of Execution, a Resurrection and Meat in a Box

Bellagio - Olives - Dining Room Wide Angle BEL00555

Olives Is Still Olives
In October, Bellagio announced it had not renewed its contract with celebrity chef Todd English for Olives, the Las Vegas outpost of his flagship restaurant in Boston. The restaurant was slated to remain Olives until the end of the year when the property would re-christen it with new name and concept, and without English. Maybe it was holiday magic, maybe someone’s heart grew three sizes, but right before Christmas, Bellagio announced it would, indeed, rekindle its partnership with English. So once again, Olives is not closing. Still.

Eat, B*tch!
Celebrity magnet restaurant Meatball Spot recently made its move from the ’burbs (yes, I’ll call Town Square the suburbs) to Center Strip. The casual dining experience makes a new home in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. The move is part of co-owner Britney Spears’ domination of the property, as she begins her two-year resident show, Piece of Me. The menu still includes the meatballs of the Spot’s name, with custom sauces such as tomato, spicy meat and mushroom gravy, as well as flatbreads, sandwiches and a salad bar with nearly 40 toppings. Look at it as just another way to get a piece of Britney. MeatballSpot.com.

Move Over, Fruitcake
While not found under the tree, one of my favorite holiday packages this year was Echo & Rig’s Holiday-in-a-Box. Meat is such a better gift than sweets (for some, anyway), and there’s a higher chance that the recipient will actually eat this present rather than feel guilty about it and put it on the shelf. There’s no telling how many wintery days are left to the season in Las Vegas, but the Tivoli Village butcher shop is still putting together some custom gift boxes that include really great cuts from Mangalitsa pigs or beef from Niman Ranch, along with spices and rubs to go complement the meat. The boxes run either $50 or $90, and can be shipped anywhere. I’d even go so far as to order one of these bad boys myself and make it a New Year’s Day meal. In Tivoli Village, 489-3525, EchoAndRig.com.