Paris Hilton Leads Celeb Charge on New Year’s


Worldwide top 5 DJ Paris Hilton held it down at Hyde Bellagio on New Year’s Eve, for a crowd that included her parents and sister and brother. You know, exactly the crowd you’d expect for, say, a piano recital. Everyone knows you’re not actually going to be any good at the piano, but they pretty much have to show up anyway.

River Viiperi wasn’t around, but Paris was texting him all night. So it sounds like a pretty solid relationship, top to bottom.

She played her own “Good Time,” the song she inexplicably did with Lil Wayne. Then she closed to the night with a live “Stars are Blind” performance, to the demand of absolutely no one. Along the way, Paris also played Katy Perry’s “Roar.” Perry herself held a private party with John Mayer at Fizz after doing a private show at Caesars.

That’s what we’ve come to for New Year’s parties. The biggest celebs are doing private gigs. There wasn’t even an obligatory Kardashian appearance. New Year’s used to mean something here. Something like “Audrina Patridge can make 75 grand at Audigier for no discernible reason”–but something nonetheless.

Land of the Little People Beacher’s Madhouse made its official grand opening on New Year’s Eve with all the mini performers you could possibly ever need–plus Derek Hough, Ashley Greene making out with boyfriend Paul Khoury, Lance Bass and fiance Michael Turchin in matching suits and glasses, Ryan Lochte, Josh Henderson and Mario Lopez with wife Courtney Mazza.

The Joint wound down 2013 with Juicy J who did strip-club anthem “Bandz a Make Her Dance” among other faces for a crowd that included Floyd Mayweather. Juicy moved on to Body English with Mike Will before the night was over, while Mayweather was spotted at Tao that evening as well.

Leg-droppin’ Miguel did his midnight kiss with girlfriend Nazanin Mandi at Tao before ripping into “Sure thing,” “How Many Drinks?” “Adorn” and “Power Trip.” The champ had a table with friends. Friends other than the roster of Michigan State, we mean.

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