Tour Buzz: Linkin Park, 3 Doors Down, Gary Numan


Linkin Park rocks The Joint on Jan. 10

LINKIN LOGS: Remember back in 2000 when Linkin Park released Hybrid Theory and it sold a zillion copies on the strength of hits “One Step Closer” “Crawling” and “Papercut?” Were you in high school back then? Do you remember getting excited about their follow-up album, Meteora (2003), and spending most of 2007 shredding the hell out of “In The End” on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock? 50 Note Streak! 100 Note Streak! Even though Linkin Park abandoned their signature nu metal/rapcore style on subsequent albums, and Chester Bennington recently released an EP with Stone Temple Pilots, you can relive old times when Linkin Park plays The Joint on January 10 ($80.50).

“KRYPTONITE” TONIGHT: 3 Doors Down released a greatest-hits album in November 2012 and spent most of last year touring the country with Daughtry. An all-acoustic show in Nashville inspired singer Brad Arnold and company to launch a series of intimate, unplugged concerts focusing on deep album cuts as well as hits, with special VIP tickets available for superfans who want to sit onstage while the band performs. The Songs From the Basement tour stops at the Green Valley Ranch Grand Events Center on January 11 ($31.50-$64.50), and even if you swear “Kryptonite” is the only 3 Doors Down song you know, you’ll head home humming half a dozen others.

ON SALE NOW: Back in 1980, synth pop wizard Gary Numan was rocking skinny ties and leather jumpsuits while singing about cars and praying to aliens. His appearance on Saturday Night Live was the hot topic of conversation among the boys at my Hebrew school, and I remember our rabbi’s profound disappointment when somebody asked if they could sing their portion of the haftorah accompanied by a Casio keyboard. Numan plays Hard Rock Live on March 7 ($28.50), which I’m pretty sure qualifies as a mitzvah.