Production at Onyx Ponders Meaning of Art

RED runs through January 25 at The Onyx Theatre.

RED runs through January 25 at The Onyx Theatre.

Thursday, Jan. 9

You already knew that Cirque du Soleil is full of talented performers. But did you know that many of those performers are gifted artists as well? For proof we offer Parade: The Collective, an exhibition of paintings, photography and sculpture by Cirque employees. Through Jan. 30 at the Trifecta Gallery in the Arts Factory Downtown.

Friday, Jan. 10

While we’re on the topic, have you ever stopped to wonder what, exactly, constitutes art? RED, a play by John Logan, ponders exactly that. The setting is Mark Rothko’s New York studio in 1958 as the artist works feverishly on the largest commissioned work of his career. The Onyx Theatre’s production of the play runs through Jan. 25. $20,

Saturday, Jan. 11

What is it like to be married to the Nevada governor? What are the roles taken on and challenges faced by the Silver State’s first ladies throughout the years? You’ll have a unique opportunity to answer these questions today from 3-5 p.m. at Caesars Palace via First Ladies First, a gathering of five former Nevada first ladies: Kathryn List, Bonnie Bryan, Sandy Miller, Dema Guinn and Dawn Gibbons. The event is free, but you’ll need a ticket.

Sunday, Jan. 12

We shouldn’t have to sell you on the virtues of a good circus: clowns, elephants, acrobats, the smell of the grease paint and roar of the crowd. And there’s one in town this weekend, Jan. 9 through today at the Orleans Arena. The Zelzah Shrine Circus has all the trappings, and even a pre-party if you show up an hour early. Tickets start at $18;

Monday, Jan. 13

Got little ones and need something to keep them entertained post holidays? Springs Preserve to the rescue with its weekly story time from 1:30-2 p.m. every Monday. This week’s story is Little Cub by Olivier Dunrea.

Tuesday, Jan. 14

Artist and gallery owner Walter Jacques Taieb believes that bookshelves speak volumes about their owners. He’s explored this theme through a series of photographs of the shelves of local notables in a new exhibit titled Portraits Through Books that runs through Feb. 5 at the Downtown Contemporary Gallery.

Wednesday, Jan. 15

If it’s good on TV or in the movies, it’s got to be much better on skates, right? That’s the idea behind the new Disney on Ice production Rockin’ Ever After, a mishmash of Disney characters from Ariel to Rapunzel to Belle, all doing their thing on a hockey rink. Shows start today and run though Jan. 19 at the Thomas & Mack Center. Visit for times and tickets.