A Sausage Fest, Experimental Cheesecake, and Eating Down Under—Thanks, AVN!

Rice & Company's Thunder Roll and its, um, accessory

Rice & Company’s Thunder Roll and its, um, accessory

Las Vegas hosts the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo this coming week, and I’ve had my fill of meat, pie and box-lunch puns—it’s like sixth grade all over again. Get your snickering out of the way. Here we go:

Roving food truck Sausagefest (@SausageFestLV)—which brought us gourmet encased meat delights such as the Filipino-Vietnamese hybrid longanisa banh mi and chorizo fries—this week introduced its new sister truck, TacoFest (@TacoFestLV). The latest addition to the fleet rolled out street-style Mexican fare such as breakfast tacos with pepper-studded eggs and ham and a vegetarian version with portobello mushrooms, kale, poblano peppers, cotija cheese and avocado salsa verde. Although TacoFest debuted alongside SausageFest during CES, there’s no word on whether the two trucks will converge again for a culinary orgy during AVN.

The only thing that makes doughnuts better is when they put stuff inside the doughnut. Much more accessible than the Cronut fad, Krispy Kreme’s cheesecake-filled doughnuts are the everyman’s answer to the layered Dominique Ansel creation. Available through January 26, the glazed, cream-filled doughnuts come in two varieties: caramel cheesecake with caramel icing and graham cracker crumbles, and chocolate cheesecake with chocolate icing and brownie topping.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, which happens to be hosting the AVNs this year, also is home to one Pink Taco (693-5000), and I’m sure there is much elbowing by passersby, performer and conference attendee alike. While the tacos are indeed respectable, I’m a fan of the sábana de pollo, a thinly-pounded chicken breast smothered with beans, cheese, onions and a roasted Serrano chili. Ask for one of the fresh-made flour tortillas on the side and build your own taco. Because that’s OK sometimes.

Australia Day commemorates the country that was built by exiled criminals and subsequently spawned some of the finest party people in the world. January 26 is the day to celebrate the Land Down Under (“where women glow and men plunder”) at Rice & Company (in Luxor, 262-4774). Throughout the month, the Thunder Roll ($18) honors the male revue of the same name. Made with soft shell crab, tuna, avocado and cucumber, then wrapped with nori, it’s topped with spicy mayo and kabayaki sauce, a sweet, soy-based glaze. Though you’d think they would eschew the crab and toss on a shrimp from the barbie.

Grace Bascos eats, sleeps, raves and repeats. Read more from Grace at VegasSeven.com/DishingWithGrace, as well as on her blog, FoodPlusTechno.com.


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