Dressing (Way) Down

comradgrumpyI know lazy. Believe me, I really know lazy. So much so that if lazy were a career, Warren Buffett would be my butler. (Cut to the wife and kids nodding violently.) But even my lethargy has its limits. Which brings me to this question: When the hell did it become socially acceptable to parade around in public in your pajamas?

Used to be a time when people would be hesitant to open the front door in their PJs and take two steps outside to grab the Saturday-morning newspaper. Now? There’s the lady in her flannel bottoms and thermal top strolling down the bread aisle at the supermarket. And the couple at a breakfast eatery on a sunny Sunday morning, dining al fresco in their nightwear.

This breach of societal etiquette isn’t ending anytime soon, either. You know how I know? Because every public school in this Valley—at every grade level—has at least one “Pajama Day” annually. And while I haven’t been on a college campus lately, I think it’s safe to predict that America’s laziest population is taking full advantage of this new fashion trend.

Bottom line: Sweatpants. Make the investment.