Goatlord Regrouping, Tolkien Shredding, Dwarves Tossing

Amon Amarth brings their apocalyptic sound to House of Blues on Jan. 17.

Amon Amarth brings their apocalyptic sound to House of Blues on Jan. 17.

Something really cool and gnarly is in the works. I’ve been talking with Spun in Darkness drummer Jeff Nardone, and if he pulls off what he’s planning, then 2014 will feature a reunion of arguably the most important metal band in Vegas history—and the return of a pioneering group in the annals of heavy music.

I’m referring to Goatlord, the Vegas doom-death-black metal ensemble that formed in 1985 when Nardone was a dirt-biking teenager. Their 1987 debut demo arrived simultaneously with Florida metal band Death’s groundbreaking Scream Bloody Gore. Goatlord offered more of a Sabbath-esque, sludge-like attack—now widely imitated. (Heck, I started my own band four years ago, cribbing guitar riffs from 1991’s Reflections of the Solstice.) Indeed, Demon Lung drummer Jeremy Brenton calls Goatlord “the Godfathers of Vegas doom.” The show is tentatively slated for the last weekend in April. Demon Lung, whose debut disc The Hundredth Name landed on many metal magazine’s Top 10 lists, is on the bill. Look for updates in this column, fellow Soundscrapers!

Now for live music this week.

Here’s a promising Downtown bill you don’t catch every day. Starting at 5:30 p.m. January 19, Commonwealth launches a new Sunday live-music event. This one features indie-folk ensemble Union Drifters; acoustic supergroup Elvis Monroe (including Matchbox Twenty’s Ryan MacMillan and Lifehouse’s Ben Carey); Matt Matelko from Elko; and DJ-and-guitar Electro-indie duo Payola Presley. Talk about mixing it up.

Swedish Viking-metal marauders Amon Amarth bring their Deceiver of the Gods tour to House of Blues at 8 p.m. January 17. This brutal yet melodic band takes its name from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and specializes in epic metal that is the aural equivalent of a Michael Bay-directed movie titled Ragnarok [Viking apocalypse]. Also on the bill: Ohio thrashers Skeletonwitch and Norwegian blackened progsters Enslaved.

If you prefer punk, watch rockabilly-renegades the Blasters obliterate LVCS at 10 p.m. January 17. This blues-rockin’ Americana act smashed into the Reagan era with 1980’s acclaimed American Music, and have never let up. You might’ve heard their song “Dark Night” in Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s film From Dusk Till Dawn. The Blasters last came to town more than a year ago, and their set was searing, so you’ll wanna be there. Also on the bill: Hometown roots-rockers the Lucky Cheats and local retro-country-western act Crimson Balladeers.

Lock up your daughters and any roaming livestock, because the Dwarves are rolling up to LVCS at 10 p.m. January 18. These shock-rock punk-thrashers are—as far as I know—still playing 20-minute sets designed to peel your face off like Hannibal Lecter recovering from a crash diet. The Dwarves’ most recent disc, The Dwarves Are Born Again, is a disturbing eardrum-destroyer, especially the song “I Masturbate Me,” in which singer Blag Dahlia narrates the story of a schizo self-pleasuring and then, um, violating his various personalities. Also on the bill: local bands Since We Were Kids, I.D.F.I., Lambs to Lions and C.G.S.

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