There Are Still Bargain Breakfasts to Be Found in Vegas


One of the marketing hooks that made Las Vegas famous was the 99-cent breakfast, and it wasn’t that long ago that you could still find them. Today? Not so much. But even though the true 99-centers are gone, there are still some darn good deals available in Bargain City for eggs & bacon … or ham … or steak.

Here’s a rundown of several classics. Prices and times bob around a bit, but these were all accurate in a recent check. In many cases you have to show a players card, or it’ll be a buck or two more.

• The closest thing that I know of to the original is the $1.49 bacon & eggs at Club Fortune in Henderson (725 S. Racetrack Rd.). Served in Emily’s from 6 to 11 a.m. daily, this is a good one that comes with three eggs, two bacon or sausage, hash browns and toast. The casino is often jammed with locals, and a line is likely at peak times.

• Almost as good is the new Wildfire Valley View with 24-hour eggs & bacon for $2.99 and an even better steak & eggs for $5.99.

• Arizona Charlie’s, at both the Decatur and Boulder Highway locations, still offers its excellent 24-hour steak or ham special for $4.49. Get the steak.

• For ham & eggs, head to Irene’s bar on West Spring Mountain Road for its 24-hour $7.95 monster that will remind you of the good ol’ days at the Horseshoe. Bacon & eggs is also strong here for $5.35. Check this place out on Sundays, and you can turn breakfast into brunch with $1 Bloody Marys.

• Another popular casino special is the Deuces Wild breakfast at Silver Sevens (4100 Paradise Rd.). It comes with two eggs, two pancakes and two bacon or sausage for $2.99, served 24/7 in the Sterling Spoon Café. This is a hungry-man’s plate that’s tough to argue with for the price.

• At least till the end of this month, the best of several good Downtown plays is the Downtown Grand’s 50 percent off dining deal for locals. Use it at the Spread to get big breakfast sandwiches for about $4.50.

• Don’t forget the buffets. The best ones offer almost untouchable breakfast values and are worthy of a column of their own. But if you’re looking purely for lowest prices, breakfast is just $4.99 at Palace, Boulder, Texas, Sunset, and Santa Fe Stations, or at Silver Sevens. Close behind are Arizona Charlie’s Boulder at $5.49, and Arizona Charlie’s Decatur, Gold Coast or Aliante at $5.99. You can make that up in juice alone.

• For gamblers, you can’t do better than Sagos Baja Tavern & Bar on Fort Apache Road, where a $20 buy-in at video poker gets you eggs with three big strips of bacon, potatoes and toast, or a loaded omelet, comped! I don’t know how you beat that.

Anthony Curtis is the publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor and