Botox Just the Tip of the Iceberg for Cosmetic Procedures


“New year, new you.” These words are plastered all over television, billboards and magazines as the calendar transitions from one year to the next. January is known as the month to focus on personal resolutions and improvements. Here, Martine Abbey, Las Vegas skin expert and owner of Just Face It Medspa, gives five suggestions on what’s hot in terms of noninvasive cosmetic procedures—duck lips and droopy brows not included.

• The most common request is still Botox, which has become a household name (like Q-tips and Kleenex). However, there are two FDA-approved competitors on the market, Dysport and Xeomin that target the same areas of concern.

• The second most common request is to fill the nasal labials (the two lines from the nose to the mouth, commonly called “parentheses”). The nasal folds develop from loss of collagen and elastin in the upper-cheek area. I prefer to restore the lost volume to that area, often making the filling of the folds unnecessary.

• Sculptra is a long-lasting soft-tissue collagen stimulator. It is used in areas of the face where fat and volume have decreased because of aging—commonly the cheekbones, jawline and nasal labials. Sculptra is a slow process, and typical treatments consist of three sessions over several months.

• The newest FDA-approved product to treat the cheek area is the injectable Voluma.

• The best line of defense to combat aging is good skin care, which consists of not only daily maintenance with paraben-free products, but monthly trips for professional deep cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating and rejuvenating facials.