Next Gen Gamer: Andrew Pascal

Founder, President & CEO at PlayStudios

Photo by Jon Estrada

Photo by Jon Estrada

ACHIEVEMENTS: Pascal, who began working at the Golden Nugget in the late 1980s, served in several leadership positions in Las Vegas casinos, most recently as the president and chief operating officer of the Wynn. But he has long been fascinated by how technology can deliver different experiences to visitors. In the late 1990s, with startup Silicon Gaming, he oversaw the release of Odyssey, a multi-game slot that helped bring casino machines to a new level.

HARNESSING VEGAS: For the past year, Pascal has been focused on MyVegas, the Facebook game and mobile app that lets users play virtual games and earn real rewards they can redeem with a variety of partners, including MGM Resorts, Wolfgang Puck and Cirque du Soleil. He’s attempting to capture the energy of Las Vegas on a desktop and mobile platform. He hopes to give those who love the city a little taste of it through virtual slots and table games, played on a replica of the Strip.

A GROWING CONCERN: Since the MyVegas rollout to iOS and Android devices in November, the user base has more than doubled, to more than a half-million people per day. About 85 percent of MyVegas users are domestic and 15 percent international, which almost mirrors the profile of visitors to the real Las Vegas.

GAMES AND THE CITY: “Las Vegas as a brand transcends the destination. Just like Hollywood means magic, entertainment and celebrities more than a location in Southern California, the same is true for Las Vegas. If we can capture that and deliver it to people all over the world in a fun, enriching experience, that will renew interest in Las Vegas and drive more visitation.”

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