Concert Review: Robby Krieger’s Jam Kitchen

January 18, Backstage Bar & Billiards


Photo by Wayne Posner

The legendary Doors guitarist turned 68 earlier this month, but he’s not a member of the early-bird sect just yet, taking the stage at midnight before a packed house. With two former members of Frank Zappa’s band (bassist Arthur Barrow and keyboardist Tommy Mars) as part of the Jam Kitchen, Krieger opened with “Chunga’s Revenge,” the first of two Zappa covers of the night, along with “Cosmik Debris.” The mostly instrumental show gave Krieger plenty of space to explore his distinctive style, filled with flamenco and jazz phrasings.

Sound problems early on were jarring to the sold-out show’s flow—it took three times for “Love Me Two Times” to go uninterrupted—and Krieger’s microphone never did seem turned up enough, but the music still rang out loud and clear. Krieger’s playing was crisp and adventurous, his bluesy slide guitar fueling “Wild Child,” while an instrumental “Lost Little Girl” brought a more nuanced approach, and saxophonist Larry Klimas breathed extra fire into classics “Back Door Man” and “Touch Me.” Krieger closed the two-hour show with “Riders on the Storm,” during which Mars dedicated his solo to deceased Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek, before segueing into “Ghost Riders in the Sky,” demonstrating how vital his playing was to the Doors’ legacy. ★★★✩✩


  • Chunga’s Revenge
  • Love Me Two Times What Was That?
  • Screen Junkie Lost Little Girl
  • Snake Oil
  • Cosmik Debris
  • Back Door Man
  • The Drift
  • Wild Child
  • Touch Me
  • Roadhouse Blues
  • Riders On the Storm/Ghost Riders in the Sky

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