Design Entrepreneur: Michelle DiMauro

Interior designer

Photo by Jon Estrada

Photo by Jon Estrada

ACHIEVEMENTS: Against long odds, DiMauro’s business, Inhabit Design, survived the residential real estate crash that pummeled the interior design industry. Now she has moved on to her second venture, Gold Digger, a firm that specializes in luxury residential, commercial and model homes.

NEW IDEA: This year she’ll launch her online DIY program, Assembly Required, which provides design services for those who have some know-how but not a big budget. A client presents idea boards on Pinterest or Houzz, measuring and photographing their space (with guidance from DiMauro). “Three weeks later,” she says, “you have floor plans, detailed furniture selections with dimensions, an overall color scheme, including paint, wall-covering, a storyboard and a computerized rendering of what your space will look like.”

WHAT’S IN A NAME: “Gold Digger is the perfect description of my job—digging for that perfect piece; unearthing exciting new concepts,” DiMauro says. “It’s an unending pursuit for that right look.”

WHAT’S HOT? DiMauro says wallpaper is back. “It’s one of the easiest and most dramatic ways to enhance a space.” Smarter and more efficiently designed spaces—especially those Downtown—are hot, too. “People are getting away from owning tons of stuff and moving toward more of a sleek look that utilizes the entire space from top to bottom.”

AND WHAT’S NOT? “I’m over herringbone or chevron everywhere; I hope we start to move away from this pattern on everything!”

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