The Grand Planner: Seth Schorr

CEO of the Downtown Grand

Photo by Anthony Mair

Photo by Anthony Mair

ACHIEVEMENTS: In facilitating the opening of the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino in the bones of the former Lady Luck and creating the Downtown 3rd dining and nightlife corridor, Schorr has gone above and beyond opening the first new casino property Downtown in two decades: He has helped to rebalance the Fremont Street corridor by drawing some of those millennial dollars away from the hipster bars of the Fremont East and staying true to the street’s deep gaming roots. “We like to think that we complement everything that’s happening Downtown,” Schorr says.

NEXT UP: Picnic, the Grand’s rooftop dining and nightlife spot, opens in the spring. Several new, as-yet-unannounced retail and dining spaces will open in and around the Downtown 3rd corridor. And work will soon begin on a retail complex next to the Mob Museum, one that will make the corridor into a true district. “We’re really going to pull out all the stops,” Schorr promises.

WHAT CONCERNS HIM: “Las Vegas has been very kind to Downtown lately. I just hope we can keep that local momentum,” Schorr says. And he wants to get the word out to visitors that the Grand is not just about bars and restaurants: “We have more new slot machines at the Grand than any casino in the world … 600 new machines at once.” He hopes that tourists will, you know, drop lots of money into them.

ON HIS DAY OFF: Schorr enjoys traveling, venturing most recently to Paris and Istanbul. And he dabbles in photography, but he’s modest about his skill level: “I’m a hack photographer,” he says, chuckling.

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