Backup Dancer Colt Prattes Gives Pink a Run for Her Money

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In the ’80s and ’90s, many pop stars—Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Paula Abdul—not only kept up with their backup dancers, but surpassed them. Nowadays, not so much. But there is one contemporary singer who sure as hell is giving them a run for their money: Pink.

Keeping up with her lead male dancer, Colt Prattes, is not an easy task. If you aren’t one of the more than 110 million views on YouTube for Pink’s music video “Try,” crawl out from under your rock and watch it now. The concept is captivating, choreography and stunts are demanding and the chemistry between Prattes and Alecia (Pink’s real name) is shocking considering it was his first job with her. If nothing else, you can stare at Prattes’ eight pack.

“There were things that [Alecia] would offer up where people would be like no, that’s too dangerous,” Prattes says. “She’s not one to back down from anything. Emotionally it was draining. But she was so giving and open and thoughtful during the process. I never felt alone.”

On the last day of shooting, Alecia asked Prattes if he would like to join her on her Truth About Love tour. Which leads us to over 140 shows, covering three continents, ending right here in Las Vegas on Jan. 31 at MGM Grand.

This will not be Prattes’ first time gracing a Las Vegas stage. He lived here for a year while performing in the short-lived musical Surf at Planet Hollywood. Before Surf, his credits included Broadway productions of A Chorus Line and West Side Story.

So what’s next? “To be completely honest, I mean 100 percent, I have no clue!” he says. “People say there is no such thing as luck. It’s just preparedness meets opportunity.”

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