Cinema Society Brings Independent Film Series to Vegas

Italian film "Marcello, Marcello" (2008) is the next up in the Cinema Society of Las Vegas film series.

Italian film “Marcello, Marcello” (2008) is up next in the Cinema Society of Las Vegas film series. Image courtesy of C-Films.

Las Vegas-area audiences craving filmed entertainment outside of the usual corporate fodder dominating the multiplexes can satiate their hunger in the plush environs of the Galaxy Green Valley Luxury+ Theater with the Cinema Society of Las Vegas, which launched its inaugural half-season on January 27.

The Cinema Society is presenting a series of four independent domestic and foreign films on select Monday afternoons. Screenings include an introduction hosted by Cinema Society director Andrew Friedenberg (sometimes with key cast and crew from the films), and are followed by another discussion. For hardcore cinephiles, Cinema Society also hosts trips to film festivals and arts tours.

Friedenberg, a former motion picture industry publicist, founded Cinema Society in San Diego in 1983, and launched two chapters in the Phoenix area about four years ago. He was urged to start a Las Vegas chapter by two former members of the San Diego branch who now live in Henderson.

“I have met people in Henderson who have a strong interest in prestige films,” Friedenberg says. “I am getting a very positive, very strong reaction to the introduction of the Cinema Society in Las Vegas.”

Passes, which include Cinema Society membership, are $40 for the remainder of the season (members can purchase guest tickets for $20 per show). To help support bringing filmmakers and industry professionals to Cinema Society events, a Directors Circle membership is also available for an additional $50 per person.


Feb. 10 – Marcello, Marcello (Italy, 2008)
March 10 – Award Winning Short Film Night
April 7 – Touch of the Light (Taiwan, 2012)