Concert Review: Pink

MGM Grand Garden Arena, Jan. 31

Pink at MGM Grand Arena, Jan. 31, 2014

Pop-star Pink’s The Truth About Love Tour made its final stop in Las Vegas on January 31. This was the same show—then, on its second night—she brought to Mandalay Bay in February 2013.

Fantastic in its infancy and equally compelling in its maturity, the concert was nearly two hours of what a pop performance should be: fun, approachable and visually dynamic. Pink’s greatest asset—outside of her vocal talents and stunning aerial acrobatics—is her complete lack of pretense. She connects with fans—accepting gifts, shaking hands and giving kisses. She also spent moments professing love to her husband, Las Vegas-raised Carey Hart, and her daughter Willow, who made an appearance onstage.

Unlike the overly theatrical Lady Gaga, Pink’s staging complements instead of distracts, culminating in a stunning encore where she flies over the audience in an pivoting harness that allows her to do flips, hang upside down and perch from various vantage points.