It’s a Good Thing Mayweather Never Made That $10M Bet

Photo by Erik Kabik

Photo by Erik Kabik

Nas hit the stage at Haze Saturday night to ease the crowd into a Super Bowl frenzy. You’d think with $10.4 million on the line, Floyd Mayweather would be too tense to party it up. After all, rumors of his big bet lit up social media and the blogosphere. But he wasn’t sweating it, because he didn’t really have $10.4 million on the line, as he took to Instagram to disprove. Except, you know, not until after the game. He was mum about the rumored big bet leading up to the game, because “good or bad publicity keeps me relevant.”

Every time there’s a big game, there are inevitable reports of Mayweather’s big bets to go right there with it. But considering the statewide win on the Super Bowl this year is in the $20 million range, the notion of one $10-plus million bet should have been a non-starter.

At the very least, someone needs to start a Tumblr just for fake Mayweather tickets. $15 million on the 15-31-8 Sabres to win the Cup in a current futures pool at 5000-1? Sounds believable! It’s Floyd!

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