Industry of Tomorrow: Vegas 2034 as the Capital of Talent Recruitment

Tom R. Skancke.  Photo by Anthony Mair

Tom R. Skancke.
Photo by Anthony Mair

“We are in an era where what you know is more important than what you can do, and we are entering an era where in-person social interactions and talent sharing will be a critical part of our global economy. Fortunately, our region is built upon connection and interaction:  We’re a place where people can go to share talent, and we will become a place where people go to recruit talent. In 20 years, you’ll see a large and growing ‘talent recruitment industry’ in Southern Nevada. A lot more people will be recruiting from Las Vegas than to Las Vegas—and this industry will make us a critical player in the global economy.”

Tom R. Skancke is the president and CEO of Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance.