Mayer Hawthorne Slaps Sweet Bachelor Pad Music

Vinyl, Feb. 8

Photo by Linda Evans

With his perpetual pout and wry grin, Detroit lad Mayer Hawthorne is the perfect cat to groove his brand of loping soul spiked with just enough club-hop and jazz-rock to make it pop out of the ’70s.

Hawthorne’s recording and touring band, “The County,” backs him up with all the tight keys, bass-slappin’ and slick guitar licks he needs to pitch a one night stand in “No Strings,” throw down some reggae in “Allie Jones,” drop a little hip-hop in “Crime” and bring out the dark knives in an ode to a barroom siren in “The Innocent.”

“Get to Know You,” with its straight-up Barry White intro, had Hawthorne urging the swaying crowd to “make it sexy like Donna Summer” and, together with the noir seduction of pieces like “Back Seat Lover” and “Physicality,” make the perfect late-night soundtrack for an urban bachelor pad.★★★☆☆

Photos by Linda Evans