Does Las Vegas Have a Lover’s Lane?

4617417017_deeb0f0cd8_zDoes Las Vegas have a Lover’s Lane?

Ah, parking! Vegas had a few choice spots where we’d steam the windows (not that I would know, of course). A favorite (before the Park Service ended after-dark access sometime in the 1990s) was our very own Inspiration Point, the Red Rock Canyon Overlook. A good backup was West Charleston Boulevard heading back from the Canyon. Back then, about two miles past Rainbow Boulevard, Charleston was an undulating, two-lane blacktop though a sea of pitch-black desert. The stars above and the city lights ahead made it an ideal place to crank back the moon roof, crank up a crooning Lionel Richie and swoon on a velour bench seat. Want more privacy? Try the unmarked dirt road off West Spring Mountain Road that led to a secluded area behind the gravel pits. Ah, youth.

Those spots are long gone, swallowed by progress (or shackled by authorities), and being past the age and necessity of parking, I asked a few twenty-somethings about the practice. The responses (from “What?!” to “Ew!”) are more evidence that car culture has all but been replaced by tech culture. Many of the experiences my generation craved required us to get off the couch and out of the house. Today’s young adults often simply simulate them with a smartphone while doing something else. SnapChat me a selfie, K? YOLO!

What is the most romantic restaurant in Las Vegas?

Think “scene restaurants” have killed the dinner date in Las Vegas? That’s understandable; after all, it’s hardly romantic to compete for your date’s attention with a well-dressed bachelor party or a barely-dressed bachelorette party and a DJ. Fear not: Romance lives in Vegas! For the traditionalist, old-school spots like Michael’s, Hugo’s and Pamplemousse lavish you and your date with superb attention in quiet, subdued environments much like your parents may have enjoyed, just before you were conceived. Next up are “view rooms”—the Eiffel Tower, Alizé, Mix, Top of the World—combining high-end food and service with stunning city views. (RIP, Top of the Mint, Dunes, Landmark and other top stops). Also, Las Vegas has gained a number of modern date-night restaurants in recent years, including Picasso, La Cave and (my personal favorite) Sage. Have a fave of your own? Drop me a note.