Classic Cocktails Hit the Bottle at the Cosmopolitan

Pop bottles at Bond. | Photo by Jon Estrada

Pop bottles at Bond. | Photo by Jon Estrada

“I should come here more often.” That’s the kind of thing bar owners and bartenders always love to hear, especially after putting as much into a place as they do. Bond bar in the Cosmopolitan recently got an upgrade and a new buddy, Bond Meets Boulevard, a sleek little party pit that debuted quietly just before New Year’s Eve. Manning the gaming tables are a pack of tall, slender female dealers in black, spaghetti-strap rompers, their hair pulled up into prim little buns. In keeping with that subtle ballet theme, dancers in leotards perform flirty routines every so often on the LED barres. And whether you hit the tables or the bar, it’s worth it to belly up here so you can partake in one of the hottest, speediest trends to appear on the Strip. Twice.

House-made bottled cocktails first made a splash at Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ & Beer in 2011 at the hands of BarMagic of Las Vegas owner Tobin Ellis. While the venue didn’t last, the idea of bars making as much as possible fresh and on premise endures. At the Cosmopolitan, a dedicated central mixology kitchen prepares mixes, syrups, purees and garnishes for the property. And mixologist Mariena Mercer has a new task for them with her menu of 10-ounce house-made bottled cocktails, $13-$14 each, or complimentary to guests playing the tables.

“I had to get out of my comfort zone,” Mercer says of creating cocktails for gamers. “They like white Russians, Cosmopolitans and apple martinis!” After nixing a bottled Singapore Sling, she settled on When Life Gives You Lemons (an elevated lemon drop), How Do You Like Dem Apples? (an updated apple martini) and The Spy Who Loved Me (a spicy nod to Yoo-hoo, the biggest seller).

They’re batched, bottled and capped daily, and don’t require anything you can’t find at a homebrew store: measuring pitcher, funnel, glass split bottles, bottle caps and a capper. Along with two traditional cocktails (the Georgia Peach and Uptown Girl), Mercer calls the menu “a celebration of female sensuality. Except for When Life Gives You Lemons, of course,” she says, laughing.

You can take it with you at Rose.Rabbit.Lie. | Photos by Jon Estrada

You can take it with you at Rose.Rabbit.Lie. | Photos by Jon Estrada

If the whole idea has you ready to try this at home, continue your research at Rose.Rabbit.Lie., where lead mixologist Marshall Altier bottles a variety

of bottled cocktails in 17- and 9-ounce glass, re-sealable swing top flasks ($45), including the Blue Moon, El Presidente and Jacquemot Rose. Just don’t stash it in your back pocket.

The Spy Who Loved Me

As served at Bond bar and the Bond Meets Boulevard gaming pit in the Cosmopolitan, $14 or complimentary while gaming 

In a large container, combine 4 bottles of Van Gogh espresso vodka, 3 liters of brewed coffee (cold), 1½ liters house-made coconut cream (1 part Coco Lopez coconut cream, 1 part dairy cream) and 22 ounces of chocolate-chipotle syrup. Use a funnel to fill glass bottles and cap using a handheld capper and crown caps. Sealed bottles have a 2-3 day shelf life. Yields 35 10-ounce bottles.

Chocolate Chipotle Syrup

Combine 1 22-ounce bottle of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup with 4 barspoons of chipotle in adobo paste. Use a stick blender to integrate, then seal and refrigerate. Syrup has a shelf life of 1 month.