Tao Group’s Bachelorette Expert Guides Your Last Fling Before the Ring

Savannah Lee Moline breaks down how to plan a stress-free fete for the bride-to-be


What is the magic number for bachelorette parties?
I always suggest my brides come with a manageable group. You don’t want to have to keep track of a lot of girls and make sure no one got left behind. I recommend bachelorettes keep their parties at 10 or under.

How do we avoid standing in line with the peons?
VIP entry is our business! We coordinate with the girls so someone is there to personally greet them and either walk them up to their table or expedite them so they don’t have to wait in line. We understand the door of a nightclub can be intimidating, but a group of cute girls celebrating a bachelorette party always helps to make the ropes part.

How far in advance do we need to plan?
We can accommodate anything from two months out to hours before. We are always happy to help, no matter how last minute you need a reservation but for the best possible experience we suggest contacting us at least a week before your event.

What if the bachelorette’s mom, future MIL or grandma want to join in?
There is nothing better than seeing grandma doing shots. It gets the crowd crazy and our Mood Director loves it. Many of our celebrity bachelorettes bring their moms or aunts.

Will we (ahem, can we) be seated near that hunky bachelor party?
We do our best to put the single ladies next to the good-looking guys. I once had a bride who met her fiancé at her best friend’s bachelorette party.

What if the annoying Maid of Honor insists attendees dress up like buffoons? (i.e.: theme wear, tacky plastic party store swag, costumes, penis headbands, penis straws, penis anything …)
We have seen everything, and we encourage girls to have fun and accessorize, as long as they don’t bring in anything that would obstruct another guest’s experience. I once had a group who wanted to bring a 4-foot blow up penis into the nightclub. Instead of having them throw it away, I took it back to my office and delivered it to their room the next day. I was definitely the subject of many jokes from coworkers and stares from hotel guests, but it’s all in a day’s work.

We’re balling on a budget. What can you offer that will make for a memorable event, but won’t bankrupt the wedding party?
We offer dinner packages at different price points, and have drink-ticket and wristband options that allow the girls to have fun without feeling as if they have to spend beyond their means on a VIP table.

Any tips on pulling together payments from the gals in our group?
My advice to whoever is planning the weekend is to collect everyone’s share upfront and prepay for as much as you can. We understand that it’s stressful to be the one relying on others to pay you back. By prepaying, all the girls will know exactly the costs associated with the packages, so there are no surprises.

OK, the worst has happened. Our bride has had way too much to drink. What measures do you have in place to help her exit the area as gracefully as possible?
Our staff goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of all guests. We will ensure that everyone in the party gets out of the club safely and back home OK. Our security officers will even make sure guests who have had a few too many get safely in a cab and identify when someone needs to call it a night. It’s our job to make sure everyone has a great experience and remembers that night the next day.