Parade of Lights Illuminate the Airwaves

Parade of Lights

On parade: Michelle Ashley, Ryan Daly, Anthony Improgo and Randy Schulte.

L.A.-based Parade of Lights is preparing to illuminate the airwaves and beyond in the coming weeks. On February 11, the band, which coalesced in Las Vegas before relocating to L.A., dropped a remix package for their single “We’re the Kids,” featuring contributions by New Division, Cash Cash X Gazzo and Adrian Lux. On March 25, Parade of Lights brings out its debut EP on the Astralwerks label.

More pressingly, the band is playing its first big Vegas headline date at 9 p.m. February 20 at Vinyl in the Hard Rock, and it’s a show I’m very much anticipating—mainly because of the strength of ebullient yet bittersweet tunes such as “We’re the Kids” and “Golden.” The way Parade of Lights weaves between light and darkness—lyrically and musically—creates a dissonance in mood that’s intriguing.

“Our goal is to make that contrast interesting for the listener,” singer-guitarist Ryan Daly says. “Our songs are about living life to its fullest and trying your best to appreciate the things you have—even if those things aren’t always positive.”

Daly cites U2, Bruce Springsteen and Ryan Adams as songwriting heroes. “Their music is universally accessible, and yet they still maintain their integrity and stay true to who they are.”

Incredibly, Parade of Lights managed to write, record and produce their EP entirely by themselves, the results sounding as good as anything M83 ever recorded.

“It was a bit stressful at times, sure,” Daly says, “and we took on a lot of responsibility. That said, we had a great time doing it. This new EP is the most fully realized version of Parade of Lights yet.”

Other cool shows this week:

Heavy-metal group Lynch Mob swings into Count’s Vamp’d at 10 p.m. February 13. This incarnation of the band features permanent guitarist George Lynch (Dokken) along with bassist Kevin Blades (Lit), drummer Jimmy D’Anda (BulletBoys) and vocalist Thaddeus Gonzales (Electric Sister). Lynch Mob does a great job of blending shred-guitar pyrotechnics and compressed, to-the-point songwriting with huge choruses. Should be fun!

L.A. old-school punk band the Perverts are primed to corrupt Double Down Saloon at 10 p.m. February 15. These guys have seriously unpolitically correct songs in their set, such as “Shut Up and Take Off Your Clothes” and “I Was a Pre-School Jerkoff.” If you like Ramones-style, three-chord melodic rock ’n’ roll with its tongue firmly in its own butt cheeks, this show will satisfy you. Also on the bill: Thee Swank Bastards, Tartar Control and Fuck You & the Shut Ups.

If your Mohawk’s not in sufficient shape, a bunch of up-and-coming Nevada bands are gathering at House of Blues at 8 p.m. February 15 for FiggZillaMusic’s eNVy showcase: Quantum, Someday Broken, Star Off Machine, As Big As Whales and XOCH.

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