Brit on Brit: Mel B, a.k.a. Scary Spice, Chats With Seven’s Own UK Native


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Singer Mel B—she of Spice Girl fame—stopped by the Vegas Seven office recently to promote Real Water, the Vegas-based purified water company she’s endorsing, and her new single. Being British, I couldn’t resist a chit-chat with the confident, bubbly pop idol.

How many pairs of shoes do you have? Do you have a huge shoe closet?

Too many. Every six months I have a sort out, I get rid of them, and I often get them donated to charity or donate to friends. I’m precious with my shoes.

Tell me about Real Water. How did you become involved with a Las Vegas-grown company?

I did Peep Show here six years ago for nine months and loved this water! My husband actually got in touch with Brent Jones, CEO and founder of Real Water, to say, “My wife loves your water, where can we get more?” I’d also been involved with the amazing Susan G. Komen foundation [fighting breast cancer]. So when asked to become an ambassador it made sense to combine the two for charity and make this bigger. I even called Kim Kardashian and said you need this water! She told me to send her a box! I tell everyone to try it for three days to get the real benefits.

What was so special about it?

You can just guzzle it straight down; it’s so easy and was exactly what I needed, as I felt so dehydrated here in Vegas. It’s also the first water to have a negative ion technology so it can also help cure a hangover. My bottle is bright pink in support of the charity so you can spot it easily and is in stores right now.

I know you’re a fan of Vegas. Where do you hang out in your spare time?

I loved taking the kids to Mon Ami Gabi, and Palms for brunch. I also found there was a lot more to explore than just the Strip in Vegas.

Would you ever come back and do another show in Vegas?

I’d never say never. I really do love it here in Vegas and all its action. If the opportunity arose I would consider it. I did a show here last year and really loved it. The audiences here have a ton of energy because the atmosphere is so vibrant.

You currently have a new single out?

Yes! The single is called ‘For Once In My Life.’ You can download it on iTunes now. It was a great time for me to get back in the studio. I’m promoting both the single and the water, on the best tour bus right now—it’s huge, I love it, I have friends come and hang out; I’m having lots of fun. It reminds me very much of my days with the Spice Girls.

Life’s busy for you: You have America’s Got Talent, where you are a judge, a new single and now your water. How do you keep family life on track with four children?

So I was only flying into New York, because they gave us the NBC jet for the show, so my kids would come backwards and forwards with me. It’s been a lot of fun and my kids have got to be in the audience and see me at work, which I also think is really important, that your kids understand and they see what you do. And when they’re in school, I’m Skyping them going, “Do your homework and tidy your rooms.”

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