Brooklyn’s Neo-Neapolitan Pie Delivered to Vegas, and One Black Truffle to Rule Them All

Truffle photo 2

One big, black truffle, now at Restaurant Guy Savoy

Despite not having a style of pizza to call its own, Las Vegas is certainly racking up some pizza street cred, thanks to additions such as Downtown’s Pizza Rock, Due Forni and Settebello, the OG that famously brought Neapolitan pizza to our town. Now add Brooklyn’s Paulie Gee’s to our list of toppings. During a recent stop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, I met owner and pizzaiolo Paul Giannone. He and his Las Vegas partner (whom he declined to identify) are still deciding which side of town they’ll land on. Chinatown is a contender, he says, because he’s heard it’s a big draw for industry folks looking to eat after their shifts, as is a location on the other side of the Strip on Paradise Road.

Think of Paulie Gee’s as neo-Neapolitan style pizza: the familiar, chewy, blistered and charred crust that’s blasted for about 90 seconds in the wood-fired Italian oven, topped with nontraditional ingredients, many of them a balance of savory and spicy with hints of sweet. I was turned on to the Hellified Porkpie White, adorned with fresh mozz, Berkshire sopressata, sweet Italian fennel sausage and Mike’s Hot Honey. It’s a nice change of pace from your standard pepperoni and sausage pie, and I can’t wait to be able to order it here.

If you’re looking to start topping dishes with out-of-the-ordinary ingredients, please allow me to suggest shaving a truffle over everything you eat. Or better yet, have Restaurant Guy Savoy (in Caesars Palace, 731-7110) do it for you, as the restaurant recently purchased the largest black truffle ever featured on property, weighing in at a whopping 1.17 pounds, which in truffle terms is enormous. That translates to about eight eight-course Black Truffle Prestige menus at the restaurant, with a flurry of truffles shaved over nearly every dish, including Savoy’s famous artichoke and black truffle soup with toasted mushroom brioche and truffle butter. When it comes to the earthy delicacy, I’ll gladly channel my inner Liberace and say that too much of this good thing is wonderful.

On the subject of eating glamorously, the Academy Awards on March 2 is a good a reason as any to channel your inner A-lister at Spago (in the Forum Shops at Caesars, 369-6300), where executive chef Eric Klein will feature dishes served at the Governors Ball post-Oscars by Wolfgang Puck. Puck has been behind the menu for this extravagant meal for 19 years, and this year returns to comforting Spago classics such as wienerschnitzel, Chinois chicken salad, smoked salmon pizza and spicy tuna tartare in sesame miso cones. You can practice your acceptance speech in the car on the way to the restaurant.