Tour Buzz: Parade of Lights, Amos Lee, Megadeth and Motorhead


Amos Lee plays The Smith Center on February 25


Could Parade of Lights shine any harder right now? Their song “Golden” has been featured prominently in NBC’s Sochi’s Olympic coverage (no doubt scoring the band countless new fans), they have a forthcoming EP due out on Astralwerks (featuring “We’re the Kids,” the song that led to their major label contract, “Golden,” and more) and their stirring, synth-pop anthems are more likely to incite full-on foot-stomping than shoe-gazing. Parade of Lights plays Vinyl on February 20 ($12) and even though the promotional materials refer to the band as “L.A.-based,” drummer Anthony Improgo still calls Las Vegas home. How ’bout we score their success a local victory?


I honestly don’t know if Amos Lee is the male Norah Jones or if Norah Jones is the female Amos Lee, but one thing is certain—when Amos Lee opens his mouth and sings, you’re not thinking about anyone else. Lee’s best-known tunes (“Violin,” “Colors”) routinely pop up on television (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Parenthood) where his folky soul sound doesn’t need to be loud to be heard. Amos Lee plays The Smith Center on February 25 ($29-$48), and my guess is he’ll be keeping it loose, keeping it tight and making new fans the whole damn night.


Hold onto your umlauts and roll out your black leather: Megadeth and Mötorhead take over the Pearl on April 17 ($45-$95). Both bands released new albums last year (Aftershock from Lemmy Kilmister and Mötorhead, Super Collider from Dave Mustaine and Megadeth), and despite being plagued by health issues that led to the cancellation of Mötorhead’s recent European tour, let’s hope Kilmister is up for the twin challenges of Coachella and Las Vegas.