Samosa Factory Forced to Close


Samosas | Photo via Flickr Creative Commons

Customers of longtime locals favorite Samosa Factory, which had been in operation for more than 10 years, will be sad to learn the Indian restaurant on West Sahara Avenue has closed its doors after losing its lease.

According to owner Rick Aco, the problems began several years ago when the property in which the restaurant was located took a downturn. While Aco was able to obtain a temporary rent reduction, the bank that eventually foreclosed on the property demanded a return to the original rent. Samosa Factory’s problems got worse when a construction project on West Sahara made the restaurant difficult to access.

“Sahara was basically shut down, and traffic went around Sahara Avenue from Boulder Highway to Hualapai,” he says. “For one whole year our world was upside down, struggling to stay afloat.” According to Aco, several restaurants in the area closed their doors as he fell further and further behind on his rent. When his lease came up for renewal, he was unable to negotiate an acceptable deal.

Aco is currently helping to rewrite the menu at the vegetarian restaurant Fresh Mama. There’s no word on whether he plans to reopen Samosa Factory in a new location.


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