Gifting Suites Have it in the (Goodie) Bag

S When Las Vegas nightclubs want to pack their venues with ladies, they count on swag giveaways from Suzanne Phillips to be a literal chick magnet. Here’s the breakdown for gals bent on getting their foot in the gifting suite door.

Describe what you do.

I have the best job in the world, because I get to give everyone presents on the regular. Twice a month at Ghostbar, it’s the ultimate girls’ night out: complimentary Champagne bar, no cover and killer gift bags at our “For the Ladies” gifting suite. For the Downtown chicks, I have a monthly gifting studio at Insert Coin(s) with the amazing DJ88. I give away more than $8,000 in handbags, makeup, shoes and apparel every month—the newest, full-size products.

What sort of scores are we talking about?

Very smart girls who have been following me for years have wardrobes stuffed with Frankie B. jeans; Betsey Johnson shoes, handbags and lingerie; Junker Designs handbags; a plethora of Hello Kitty everything; Carlos Santana and Fergie shoes; Guess swimsuits; jewelry from Tarina Tarantino; and hair product from Toni & Guy. Our gift bags generally have a retail value of $100 each, but sometimes up to $300 and a few times, even more.

What’s the secret to getting in on the gifting action?

Show up on time! For the most part, this is the format: At 10 p.m. the gifting suite opens; there’s no cost or cover charge for girls to attend. The first 25 girls get a ticket, which guarantees them a bag, and [the rest] get a raffle ticket. At 1 a.m. we give out the bags, then do the raffle.

And the one thing not to do?

Common sense, ladies! Be nice. If you’re rude, push your way in front of other girls or are demanding, then I’m not too excited to give you a bag. And shockingly enough, this does happen. Most of the girls are fantastic, but there are always those few bad apples …

How do ladies get (and stay) in the know regarding your events?

I have a Facebook page and a personal email list. I send out notices regularly. Also, the Palms and Insert Coin(s) always post the events on their websites.

What’s the hottest gift suite item going?

Can any girl ever turn down shoes? Shoes always work. I’m on the hunt for the best stuff—trust me. I live in Los Angeles, and I’m in the showrooms every week searching for what’s hot. Lately, those clutches with the spikes have been on fire. I also had some Tarina Tarantino jewelry box/makeup cases that caused a huge uproar.

You must have stalkers …

Funny story: I was at the Palms last month at 8 a.m. cruising the hotel lobby in a hoodie and jeans trying to find coffee. Really, I was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. Suddenly, this woman started running after me—she burst out of line from the buffet—and started yelling, “Hey! Hey! You’re that girl with the gift bags. I remember you from Indulge!” I didn’t know what to do. I felt like I was supposed to pull out a gift bag that very minute.

How did you end up in the gifting business?

I was a model in New York City, trying to figure out what to do next. I started coordinating events for a promoter and then started doing my own thing. I licensed my business in New York in 2000, and one of my first events was with Glamour and Atlantic Records. I had a good start because a few very cool people gave me a shot.

What’s the ideal Suzanne Special Events demographic?

That girl in Vegas who loves fashion. That’s my girl!

Score Loungefly Loves Hello Kitty handbags March 12, and Guess swimwear March 19 at Ghostbar.