Seven Apps on Your Doctor’s Smartphone


We may not, as of yet, have achieved the glorious tricorder future promised to us by a giddy Gene Roddenberry, but what we have is the next best thing: apps. These pocket doc programs are primed for the pros, but you can check them out too. Go ahead, just try not to put on a white lab coat when you do.

With more than 4 million registered users, this app is the most popular among doctors and medical students, according to Apple’s App Store. Among its many features are medical news, drug dosage information and treatments for more than 4,400 diseases.

This app provides a directory of medical professionals and allows users to send and receive electronically signed faxes. Don’t worry: Those messages are still confidential.

Powered by Quest Diagnostics, Care360 puts the lab in a doctor’s hand. Clinicians can look up test results, review prescription requests and write lab orders.

Worried about how your antibiotics might mix with your antidepressants? Doctors are able to provide better patient care by checking potentially dangerous drug interactions and other drug safety issues.

Used by nurses, doctors and patients, this app provides access to more than 500 medical resources to help with consultations, according to Apple’s App Store. For example, an obstetrician can quickly look up drug side effects for pregnant or lactating women.

Complex formulas, scores, classifications and scales are now a snap with this medical-calculator app. Doctors can know the risk of coronary heart disease or your total level of hydration with a few buttons.

ahrq_epss_app_iconAHRQ ePSS
Developed by the Department of Health and Human Services, ePSS allows doctors to search a patient’s symptoms and identify potentially helpful screenings and preventive medical services.