Weekend Kombat: Mencia vs. Miley

Party in the D-E-A-D

Party in the D-E-A-D

Everybody has hard choices to make about how they’re going to spend their weekend. Some choices are harder than others. This week’s showdown: The man that made “derp, derp, derp” a thing briefly vs. the girl who made your mom ask you what “twerking” is. FIGHT!

Carlos Mencia Miley Cyrus
What: The stand-up comic who took bar-lowering to a special new place. The singer who took Britney Spears to the logical, Millennial extreme. Advantage: Miley.
When/where: Primm’s Star of the Desert Arena, Saturday. MGM Grand Garden Arena, Saturday. Advantage: Miley.
Unfortunate television past: Mind of Mencia. Hannah Montana. Advantage: Miley.
Career embarrassment: Joke theft. Billy Ray Cyrus. Advantage: Miley.
Enemies: Joe Rogan. Joe Jonas’ drug counselor. Advantage: Mencia.
Six degrees of Ren & Stimpy?: Two steps: Did an episode of Drawn Together, which also featured voice-of-Stimpy Billy West. One step. Advantage: Miley.

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