XS Takes Sole Possession of Top Spot on Nightclub & Bar Top 100

That's not celebratory confetti raining down, those are $50 bills. (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

That’s not celebratory confetti raining down, those are $50 bills. (Photo by Danny Mahoney | SPYONvegas.com)

The jockeying between Marquee and XS to be the top-grossing nightclub in the country, as per the Nightclub & Bar Top 100 continues to be the Optimus Prime/Megatron knock-down, drag-out of the industry, with XS on top for 2014 at $90-$95 million to Marquee’s $85-$90 million. It’s the first time XS had sole possession of first since 2011.

Last year, the clubs were tied while the year prior, Marquee had the lead.

There’s a new wrinkle for the 2014 rankings though, with Hakkasan taking an honorable mention “third” as a venue not open for full the full 12 months of the survey, but generated enough coin that it would have slotted in that space if it qualified for the list. Light at Mandalay Bay also got an honorable mention, in what would have been No. 16.

Of the Top 10, seven are Vegas clubs: At No. 3, Tao ($50-$55 million), No. 4 Surrender ($45-$50 million), No. 6 Pure ($30-$35 million), No. 9 Lavo ($25-$30 million) and No. 10 Hyde ($25-$30 million).

Vegas drew 24 of the top 100 (well, top 102, really), up from 20 last year. Haze came in at No. 11 ($25-$30 million), No. 13 Tryst ($20-$25 million), No. 14 1 Oak ($20-$25 million), No. 24 Chandelier Bar ($15-$20 million), No. 25 The Bank ($15-$20 million), No. 26 LAX ($15-$20 million), No. 42 Chateau ($10-$15 million), No. 48 Ghostbar ($10-$15 million), No. 61 Moon ($5-$10 million), No. 73 Drai’s ($5-$10 million), No. 79 Lagasse’s Stadium ($5-$10 million), No. 80 Body English ($5-$10 million), No. 88 Gold ($5-$10 million), No. 94 Lily ($5-$10 million) and No. 96 Stoney’s ($5-$10 million).

There’s a bit more money at the top end, as Marquee and XS were both in the $80-$90 million range last year. Drai’s took the biggest tumble, going from No. 30 to 73 amid their temporary relocation to Bally’s, and the shooting there. No one made a dramatic leap, though neither Lily nor Gold nor Ghostbar appeared on last year’s list.

What Hakkasan misses in official list achievement, it makes up for by winning the Nightclub of the Year, when the Nightclub & Bar convention hands out its awards during the trade show March 24-26.

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