This Week’s Most-Wanted Events: Dum Dum Girls, Tom Green

Dum Dum Girls play Triple B on March 8

Dum Dum Girls play Triple B on March 8

Nick in a Box
Performance artist Nicky Watts toured the country with her head in a Plexiglas box. It sounds a little crazy, but a photo exhibit of her experience, titled “Isolation,” looks very cool. It’s on display through March 29 at Brett Wesley Gallery. Watts will debut a new live art piece: “Confusion to Keep Away” March 6-7. 1025 S. First Street, Suite 150, 433-4433.

The Residential Debate
What does it really mean to be a Las Vegas “local”? After extensive interviews, author Rex Rowley broke it down in his book Everyday Las Vegas: Local Life in a Tourist Town, released last summer. Rowley, who was raised here and now teaches geography at Illinois State University, will be signing copies of his book at 7 p.m. March 7 at Barnes & Noble, 2191 N. Rainbow Blvd.

Green’s Room
Comedian Tom Green begins a four-weekend stint at Vinyl on March 7. Billed as “An Outrageous Evening of Comedy, Satire and Storytelling,” Green augments his famous age-ripened immaturity with rap, guitar and video clips.

Smart to See Dum
Twinkling guitars, subtly beating drums … It’s pure magic when indie darlings Dum Dum Girls play a pre-Coachella set at Triple B on March 8. Sway away, but not so hard that your bangs block your vision.

Finally! Brooklyn Bowl opens its doors and lanes for the first time during Bowlive March 8-9. Led by funk band Soulive and guest George Porter Jr., the jam session is an annual happening at the venue’s Brooklyn location. We’ll welcome the tradition by tossing gutter balls in between plates of Blue Ribbon’s famous fried chicken.