Tour Buzz: The Neighbourhood, Beach Boys, Ellie Goulding

The Beach Boys play Star of the Desert Arena on March 8

The Beach Boys play Star of the Desert Arena on March 8

Good Neighbor Policy
You may know the Neighbourhood as that American band (they’re from California) who spell their name with a little English flavour, but you should really know them for catchy singles “Sweater Weather” (One love, two mouths/One love, one house) and “Afraid” (“When I wake up, I’m afraid/Somebody else might take my place). Lead singer Jesse Rutherford has a strong vision for the band, which extends beyond the hip-hop beats he sings and raps over. It’s why the band’s videos and photos are all moody, black and white affairs. Fans who see the Neighbourhood play House of Blues on March 8 ($22.50) aren’t just paying to hear music; they get the added bonus of seeing the band in full colour.

Love It or Leave It
Let’s just agree that Brian Wilson is a musical genius and get on with it. As the primary musical architect of the Beach Boys, he moved the band beyond their early hits about surfing and California girls and—in a drug-fueled musical competition with the Beatles—gave us “Good Vibrations” and the magnificent Pet Sounds. The band’s 50th anniversary reunion tour ended in 2012, so when the Beach Boys play Star of the Desert Arena on March 8 ($10.95-$54.95), you’re getting a touring band consisting of original member (and longtime vocalist) Mike Love and Bruce Johnston, who joined the group in 1965. Personally, I wish Wilson would get around more.

On Sale Now
Ellie Goulding brings her splendid mix of breathy vocals and folky synthpop to the Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan on April 12 ($35), which means—you guessed it—“anything can happen.” Still, I think it’s safe to assume she’ll probably just sing and play music.