Strike at Pool Season Before the Iron Gets Too Hot


Thursday, March 13

A slew of pool clubs soft- open for the season today. The top-optional Bare pool lounge at The Mirage hosts its pre-opening with DJs Sincere, G-Squared and David Christian, while the top-mandatory Liquid at Aria has Ikon, Karma, Que and Greg Lopez on deck. (11 a.m., Over at Tao Beach, the lovely DJ C-La sets the soundtrack. (At the Venetian, 11 a.m., Dip your toes in the water now before it becomes swirled with the orangey hue of self-tanner come summer. You know what we’re talking about.

Friday, March 14

What can we say about Dillon Francis? Not only is Moombahton’s mainstream man spinning at Surrender tonight, he also provides us with a steady supply of viral entertainment. He and dubstepper Flux Pavilion play kittens in their recent music video for “I’m the One,” and he just added “Dillon Francis Sings Happy Birthday to You Underwater” to his webstore for a cool $1,000. It’s priceless though, really, when you think of the story you can tell your grandchildren someday. (In Encore, 10 p.m.,

Saturday, March 15

Now that the pools are open again, it’s time to bid farewell to a wintertime favorite: GBDC. Ghostbar hosts the season finale of its daytime debauchery fest with residents Mark Stylz and Exodus manning the turntables. As usual, costumes, glow sticks, neon and animal masks are highly encouraged. Ghostbar will remain open in the evenings, but the end of GBDC means no more adorable piñata flyers. Sniff sniff. Until next time… (In Palms, 1 p.m.,

Sunday, March 16

Quick: Who’s your favorite video-game character? You have until Sunday to fashion a costume in its likeness for XIV Game World at Hyde. If you’re one of those who dress up for Comic-Con, you can reuse what you wore last year. There just aren’t enough opportunities in life to rock a Princess Peach ball gown, ya know? (In Bellagio, 6 p.m.,

Monday, March 17

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! The one time each year when everyone is Irish and green beer is “festive” and not a “health hazard.” You can get you fix of the frothy stuff at Commonwealth where green Miller Lite is on draft, and cans of Miller’s Fortune and Red Apple flavors will be a poppin’. There will be live music in the lounge, while DJs ChuckFader, Brandon Bside and Wizdumb work the vibes on the rooftop patio. (525 Fremont St., 2 p.m., For more St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, check out our roundup.

Tuesday, March 18

Have a seat. Take a deep breath. We’re about to inform you that there’s such a thing as the Ratchet Olympics, and they’re happening tonight at Beauty Bar. All athletes must compete in a round of twerking; optional events include hair pulls and the walk of shame: an obstacle course performed while holding a drink in one hand and shoes in the other. Oakland-based rapper Lil Debbie—not to be confused with the snack cake company—will perform alongside guest and resident DJs. And all of this is in addition to it being Nickel F—n Beer Night. As event organizers admit, “we wouldn’t expect you to watch this sober.” (517 Fremont St., 9:30 p.m.,

Wednesday, March 19

Chill out to the smooth, neo-soul sound of Denitia and Sene at Insert Coin(s). The Brooklyn-based duo’s performance follows a set from local songstress Sabriel, who made her way to South by Southwest earlier this week. See her now; she might not be ours for much longer. (512 Fremont St., 9 p.m.,