This Week’s Most-Wanted Events: Nerdlesque, Jubilee!


The Sci-Fi Center celebrates one year of Nerdlesque on March 15

Nerdlesque is More

If you know what Nerdlesque is, you can bury your face in a comic book for a second while we explain that it’s a live amalgamation of science fiction, fantasy and striptease. It’s been happening for one year at the Sci-Fi Center (where else?), and on March 15, the monthly showcase celebrates its anniversary with performances from Canada’s Little Karma Bomb, locals Jeffrey Xerxes Brice, Kitschy Koo and more.

An Occasion for Jubilation

Until January, Bally’s production of Jubilee! had remained mostly unchanged since it opened in 1981. It’s since been reworked by choreographer Frank Gatson Jr., whose credits include creating Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” hand gesture. We hope for similarly subtle, timeless touches when the revamped show debuts on March 17.

Last ‘Chance’

If the game is the art, is chance the artist? The title of Alexis Dahan’s exhibit is spelled out in neon script at the Cosmopolitan’s P3 studio. It explores the subject of chance and invites visitors to play a dice game with Dahan. If you win, you get your own artwork hung on the studio walls, at least until the exhibit shutters on March 16.

Think Outside the Cube

Haven’t visited the Life Cube yet? Time is running out before the installation burns down on March 21. Everyday starting March 15, the site is scheduled to host hours of live entertainment, providing additional incentive to stop by and add your own artwork and ambitions to the project. See more information and full listings at