Seven Products to Spice Up Your Booze Game at Nightclub & Bar Show


Of course Oscar Goodman was on the red carpet of the Nightclub & Bar Show, Martini in hand. Could you possibly have that convention any other way? Once Mayor Carolyn Goodman cut the rope on the trade show, running through Wednesday at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and we unwashed masses were allowed to go booth hopping, there was plenty to find. And we don’t mean just the pseudo-club set ups for ADJ’s DJ equipment or what appeared to be some sort of XS-branded haunted house. (OK, maybe that was just us, but we totally thought it looked like the entrance to a haunted house. Also? How great would a haunted house nightclub be? Other than, we suppose, Goretorium.)

Pictured above, two-year-old operation Sin City Cupcakes delivers, from Summerlin straight to you, cupcakes filled with a booze-infused filling and topped with a vodka-cream frosting. Co-owner Danielle Cole (she shares the biz with Miss Las Vegas 2014 Lisa Sutton) assures us you won’t get drunk off them. That may have been where our attention started to wander. They’re now shipping just the filling if you want to bake it into your own cupcakes. We can’t imagine you want to do anything more on a Saturday afternoon with grandma.


David Segall’s Das Horn allows you to drink like a Viking without going through all the existential angst over whether or not you’ll make it to Valhalla. Drink enough 24-ounce horns of mead through one of these things, and you’ll think you’re already there. ($24.99 on


Beer pong was a big deal at the convention, but the Penumbra Tables were the only ones that added voodoo, or some other kind of dark magic to the mix. Don’t like it when your ball gets wet? Drop it in the jet stream mounted at either end of the table and watch it hover-dry. Finally, Back to the Future 2 got something right! Sort of. A sensor detects when you’ve taken the ball back and cuts the air flow. “Sensor,” “Voodoo.” Same difference.


See, the problem of beer pong in the past, was that you couldn’t shove quarters at it to make it happen. The Beer Pong Master arcade game solves that problem. It plays a lot like pop-a-shot, except with ping pong balls and blue-lit plastic cups that wink out as you keep sinking balls. It also doesn’t have a peer-pressury frat dude at the other end barking at you to drink. So you win some, you lose some. We also found the minute-long timer you have to knock down all 10 cups wasn’t nearly enough time, mostly because the machine cheated. Somehow. Or maybe we were right all along and really do play better after a couple of pitchers.


You know what the worst part of fruit is? What’s that you say? “The fact that it won’t get you drunk unless you ferment it inside a prison toilet?” We knew we’d find a soulmate eventually. Anyway, Montana’s Wicked Lix teams with a distiller out of Iowa to deliver “super-infused” cherries, oranges and pineapple shot through with spiced rum, coconut rum, chocolate cream vodka, cinnamon whiskey and other types of hooch. You’re welcome for solving your problem, nature.


As if you weren’t embarrassed enough to go to the bar and order your girlfriend a Purple Hooter, now Little Waisted takes your drink and makes them, well, shinier, with the addition of glittering cocktail rim sugars and salts. According to the company’s Trevor Brooks, MGM Grand will start featuring the product with some of its drinks.


And then there’s the other 800-pound gorilla of the show–vaping. There were tons of vape products available, including e-cigars and a disposable e-cigarette (good for 1,000 puffs over roughly two months) from Square. But Vapshot takes the charm of vaping and adds in the festivity of those little champagne poppers on New Year’s Eve. The machine turns booze into a mist that’s then sealed in a plastic bottle. Pop the top, stick in a straw and inhale your hooch. It’s cute, but we like our sauce, well, as sauce.

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