Thunder, SawChuck Get Fightin’ Mad

Illustration by Jon Estrada

Illustration by Jon Estrada

Normally, blood-curdling animosity on the Strip is reserved for the UFC, but on March 18, Thunder From Down Under turned into The Pugilism from Perth (The Aggression in Adelaide! The Smackdown in Sydney! The Can of Whoopass Opened in Canberra!—we can do this all day—The Donnybrook in Darwin: Look it up, it’s on the North Coast of the Continent).

At about 9:30 p.m., 24-year-old Las Vegan Joey Kadmiri allegedly went backstage at Excalibur’s Thunder and started rummaging through the dancers’ belongings, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. When guys from the show confronted him, Kadmiri pulled out a gun, and a shot was fired in the tussle. Metro says no one was hit; one employee suffered minor injuries.

Now, if you’re going to rob a Strip show, who’s it going to be: Waifish Celine? Peaceful Donny & Marie? Or the dozen or so jacked-up Australians—a people not especially known for their natural aversion to violence or unwillingness to dive headlong into otherwise insane situations. (Mourn you till we join you, Steve Irwin.)

Predictably, hilariously, Kadmiri—who according to reports in court admitted he was on meth during the incident—came away with an imprint on the left side of his head that was not un-bootlike. He’s been charged with burglary with a deadly weapon, attempted robbery with a deadly weapon and attempted murder with a deadly weapon. A preliminary hearing will take place April 7. This is why we will only ever try to rob Old Women Who Recently Had Hip Replacements Sitting Around Knitting: The Musical.

Tropicana headliner Murray SawChuck initiated a little dustup of his own, with Nathan Burton in a battle of comedy magicians that threatens to shake the very foundations of Hogwarts to the core.

SawChuck claims he got the boot on March 20 when he and wife Chloe bought tickets to Burton’s show at the Saxe Theatre. He took to Instagram and Twitter to vent, noting, “Leaving @nathanburtoncm after being kicked out of his show! Before it started #jealousmagician” and “It’s official @nathanburtoncm gets the #magicianasshole of the year award!


You know what would calm everybody down? A nice relaxing observation-wheel ride. Sky Shop at the Linq is planning on extending its hours March 27 because it’s expecting the wheel to soft-open that day. The half-hour ride, we’re hearing, will run you around $25 in the day and $35 at night.

If very slowly defying gravity isn’t your speed, perhaps burlesque and bourbon is. Wait, that’s everybody who’s anybody worth knowing’s speed. Holly Madison’s 1923 Bourbon & Burlesque busts out everyone’s two favorite Prohibition-era vices on April 17 at Mandalay Bay, tapping into our favorite words: “barrel-aged whiskey” and “boobs.”

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