Truffles N Bacon: More Than a Trendy Name 

Photo by Anthony Mair

Photo by Anthony Mair

Tucked inside the treasure chest that is Henderson’s Antiques at the Market is a real hidden gem—the recently opened Truffles N Bacon Café (6665 S. Eastern Ave., 307-3960). Don’t let the trendy name fool you—this place is serious about good food and transcends the “bacon craze.” The brainchild of two New York transplants, chef Jackie Lim and Magnolia Magat, Truffles N Bacon specializes in decadent originals such as bacon macaroni salad, short-rib grilled cheese and a burger piled high with Truffles N Bacon’s signature bacon jam, a slice of macaroni and cheese and Sriracha ketchup. The café also offers fresh-baked scones (pictured) and weekend tea service to complement its quaint environment. Look for retail products, including the bacon jam, designed to assist devotees in gifting the Truffles N Bacon experience to newbies. One bite and there is no turning back.


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