That Old Vegas Mystique—Coming to a Wall Near You

Frolicking at the Desert Inn Pool, via

Frolicking at the Desert Inn Pool, via

Walls 360, a Las Vegas graphics start-up, may be an avatar of the Valley’s hopes as a tech incubator. But its latest product line is a testimony to the enduring appeal of the town’s past.

The company’s new Vintage Vegas gallery features images from UNLV Special Collections, a repository of generic viagra 100mg the visual and documentary history of Southern Nevada. Visitors to the gallery can select images of the city’s past and order them as repositionable wall art. That means Vegas-lovers can now have a 5-foot tall vintage shot of the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign or reproduction of the 1945 Helldorado program cover.

The Las Vegas photos now share a place in the Walls 360 lineup alongside graphics from games such as Plants vs. Zombies and Mass Effect 3, entertainment phenomena such as Star Trek and icons such as Marilyn Monroe. It shows how ingrained Las Vegas has become in the global pop-cultural imagination.

You have to read the small print on each page, though, to see the real significance of this gallery. The boilerplate description of each graphic, “Origin: MADE IN USA: Las Vegas, Nevada,” hints at the subtle shift at work here. The Las Vegas brand isn’t just something we burnish to attract visitors; it’s now a commodity that can be exported. And the selling of that brand just might be a key to the future for a city that’s no longer the world’s leading gaming destination.

David G. Schwartz is the director of UNLV’s Center for Gaming Research.