Weekend Kombat: Extreme Thing vs. Bubble Run


Everybody has hard choices to make about how they’re going to spend their weekend. Some choices are harder than others. This week’s showdown: An annual celebration of rock and jock vs. Mr. Clean’s wet dream. FIGHT!

Extreme Thing Bubble Run
What: The day-long music and sports fest featuring about 30 bands and a whole lot of skateboarding. The ’90s phenomenon of foam pits, combined with the ’10s phenomenon of everyone running a 5K race every damn weekend. Advantage: Extreme.
When/where: Desert Breeze Park, tomorrow. Downtown, starting at Carson between Sixth and Seventh tomorrow. Advantage: Push.
Headliners: Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Bring Me the Horizon, Killswitch Engage. A childlike sense of glee. Advantage: Extreme.
Main attraction: The Vegas AmJam BMX, skate and scooter competition Four-to-seven foot bubble bogs. Advantage: OK, fine. Bubble bogs sound really fun.
Required: In all likelihood, a Mountain Dew addiction. White T-shirts. Advantage: Bubble.
Similar sensation: Vans Warped Tour. Walking through a car wash. Advantage: Bubble. We’ve always wanted to walk through a car wash.

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