Concert Review: Payola Presley

OBA Lounge at the House of Blues, March 27


Photo by Myron Hensel

The rock ’n’ roll and electronic music scenes became one with the debut of Payola Presley, a local duo comprised of Mac Purdy and Zach Saucier (formerly of Slow to Surface). Slamming guitar melded with grinding beats and an industrial edge. Familiar faces from the good ol’ days in the scene abounded, as did nightlifers. The performance was marred by a late start (the band didn’t play until after 11 p.m.) and a hip-hop hype man that seemed out of place. But songs from debut album Make Checks Payable To … , visuals and accompanying strobes offered a heightened experience. Sure, the sound system wasn’t the best (if you’re gonna do electronic, the kids need more subs), but the energy and vibe were unparalleled. Definitely keep an eye on these guys and make it to their next show. ★★★✩✩

Photos by Myron Hensel