DJ Collectives Rally ‘Round the Beats

They put the talent in the booths, the sounds in the clubs and pack the dance floors, but not all Las Vegas collectives are created equal

Illustration by Ciero Pedro

Illustration by Ciero Pedro

SKAM Artists

With a roster longer than a weekend Strip cab-stand queue, the SKAM Artist family covers genres from hip-hop, to dance, pop, open format and beyond. Says SKAM Artist CEO Sujit Kundu: “I’ve got DJs that are worlds apart in their taste and spin style. Each has their own lane, but they’re still connected via SKAM.” Reaching beyond the dance floor, SKAM Artists has also just announced a partnership with Monster Headphones.

Founded: 2004

Roster standouts: Bad Boy Bill, Lil Jon, Samantha Ronson and Sid Vicious.

Residencies: Jermaine Dupri (Tryst), Ross One (Ling Ling, Hakkasan), Tony Arzadon (Hakkasan), Irie (Ling Ling, Hakkasan), OB-One (Gallery), Crooked (Tryst, Hyde), Lil Jon (all Wynn properties: Surrender, XS, Tryst, Encore Beach Club), Vice (Tao, Lavo, Marquee, Tao Beach), Five (Tao, Hyde), Turbulence (Hyde), Eric D-Lux (Tao, Marquee, Hyde), Justin Credible (Tao), Jessica Who (Tao, Tryst)

Success Factor: “Truthfully, I think what differentiates SKAM is that everyone on the roster is friends,” Kundu says. “They get along, talk on the road and do dinners together when they’re in the same cities. We also put together group activities and holiday parties—we’re really like a family unit. There’s a brotherhood and sisterhood amongst the DJs.”

Blackout Artists

During her years as a marketing manager with Light Group, Blackout Artists co-founder Kalika Moquin “never really understood the value in paying an open-format DJ off a [visiting or celebrity] roster three times the amount of a local resident who, talent-wise, I felt were on same level.” Establishing Blackout Artists with Jack Colton (creator of and allowed Moquin to offer clubs a roster of exceptional locals “along with the offer of the marketing team to create a party around the DJs.”

Founded: February 2013, and officially launched in August 2013.

Roster standouts: Ikon, Karma (individually and together), DJ Loczi of VH1’s Master of the Mix fame, DJ Que, Derrick Anthony, Sir Pearce

Residencies: Weekly and monthly residencies held at 1 Oak, Haze, Body English, The Bank, Foundation Room, Pure and Hyde.

Success Factor: Moquin insists that Blackout Artist’s secret sauce is the accompanying marketing magic the collective brings to the turntables, envisioning and promoting a complete party around a DJ appearance. “While Blackout Artists is a DJ management company, I would say it’s more of a marketing company that packages DJs with events to the nightclubs. That is what I believe gives us a competitive edge, and sets us apart from the rest.”


Founded by Leandro Vlastaris Jr., better known to most as DJ Hollywood, Beatclan Artist Management exists “to give unsigned DJs and celebrities an opportunity to get exposure without committing themselves to sometimes miserable and lengthy contracts.” Beatclan delivers this talent to local decks, unfettered by long-running residencies.

Founded: 2008 officially, but Vlastaris has been booking acts worldwide for two decades.

Roster standouts, past and present: DJ Koko, Chris Cox, DJ Girl 6 and a constantly rotating cast of celebs including Paris Hilton.

Residencies: Beatclan operates differently than most artist management companies. Vlastaris clarifies: “Our ‘roster’ is who we book for different events. We do not contractually obligate anyone on our booking roster. That would defeat the purpose of what I initially set out to accomplish. In Las Vegas, we’ve linked up with Chateau Nightclub, Hard Rock Hotel and M Resort, among others.”

Success Factor: “No handcuffs, allowing artists to thrive freely. In my experience it’s easier to perform without thinking about breaking a rule on a contract. I throw a successful event, and the artist gets exposure: win/win.”