Burger Heaven


Comme Ça offers a “Brasserie, Burgers and Oysters” series now through June 30

Las Vegas has long been a haven for enjoying various juicy versions of protein slapped inside a bun, and spring promises to bring even more burger-y goodness.


Sierra Gold (GoldenTavernGroup.com/Sierra-Gold), the classier side of your neighborhood P.T.’s, has rolled out a new menu at all four locations, now with more sliders! Because a bite-sized burger is possibly the perfect bar food, the menu now offers toppings such as pastrami reuben, green chile and chile cheese on the compact sandwiches. If you insist on your burger being normal-sized, yet twice as caloric, the Big Boy burger, a beef patty topped with fried mozzarella, bacon, thousand-island dressing, cheddar cheese, chicken fingers, cheese sauce and a fried egg, has your—and your cardiologist’s—name on it.

Celebrity burgers

Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar, the first Las Vegas restaurant for the Food Network star, opens late April at the Quad. Fieri’s love for the independent, down-home joints he features on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is reflected in his laid-back culinary style. Expect accessible fare such as burgers, wings and tacos, executed with the same flamboyance as his TV persona and bleached blond hair. Banh mi tacos give the classic Mexican snack the Vietnamese treatment, complete with firecracker pulled pork, cilantro and pickled vegetables inside a crisp baguette. (I’m still trying to wrap my head around this one, personally.) The five burgers on the menu include the Burger Bash-winning Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese burger, no doubt honored for the catchy ingredients in the title. Vegas Fries are a nod to Fieri’s UNLV days—curly, buffalo wing-seasoned and mounded with blue cheese, carrots and celery, accompanied by the obligatory kitschily-named sauce, blue-sabi.

Hype or no hype, I’m cautiously optimistic about Fieri’s food and genuinely excited that the restaurant is finally opening. He’ll be a huge draw for visitors, locals and essentially anyone who oohs and aahs over the mom ‘n’ pop spots on DDD. That includes myself.

Summertime and the livin’s easy burgers

And just to cram even more burgers into today’s column, this week Comme Ça (in the Cosmopolitan, 698-7910) launches its weekly “Brasserie, Burgers and Oysters” series on Wednesday from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Running now through June 30, it’s basically an excuse to bask on the restaurant’s terrace mid-week, suck down raw oysters at $1.25 a pop, and get down with one of the kitchen’s three rotating specialty burgers, which will be grilled right on the patio. Wash down the burger with a cocktail from the bar’s famed 18A menu, or two beers, and you’ll only pay $19. Summer is so close now. This is how you can taste it.