Weekend Kombat: ACM Awards vs. Jordan Invitational


Everybody has hard choices to make about how they’re going to spend their weekend. Some choices are harder than others. This week’s showdown: The annual celebration of the hoedown, the Academy of Country Music Awards vs. sports dudes engaging in their favorite off-season/post-retirement activity–charity golf. FIGHT!

ACM Awards Jordan Invitational
What: Everybody’s favorite country stars assembled in one place, assuming you only like country music from Garth Brooks on. Everyone’s favorite basketball player, raising money through the mysterious and fell power of golf. Advantage: Push.
When/where: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Sunday. Shadow Creek Golf Course, today through Sunday. Advantage: Jordan.
Star power: Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan, co-hosting. Michael Jordan. Advantage: It ain’t the Luke Bryan Country Music Awards. Jordan.
Ancillary players: Wayne Gretzky, Aaron Rodgers and Greatest Yankee of the ’90s Paul O’Neill. Sheryl Crow, Rascal Flatts, LL Cool J for some reason. Advantage: Were you not paying attention at GREATEST YANKEE OF THE ’90s?
Level of competitiveness: 61-year-old George Strait put in a position to potentially lose Entertainer of the Year to 24-year-old Taylor Swift. Jordan once punched teammate Steve Kerr in the face. During scrimmage. Advantage: Jordan.
Potential for sexiness: Gretzky’s daughter, Paulina, is way into golf. Darius Rucker, putting middle aged people in the mood with the memories of a thousand terrible ’90s hook-ups scored to Hootie songs. Advantage: Jordan.

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