Casinos Offering the Tax Day Deals Uncle Sam Won’t


Tuesday is Tax Day—not a pleasant prospect for many, but good for those who are getting a little something back from Uncle Sam. And while the refund amount is the bottom line everyplace else, that’s not the case where casinos are involved. While there are sure to be tax-related promotions of all sorts from many Las Vegas retailers, I’ve always been partial to those that include a gambling element.

For instance, just as paychecks can be cashed at casinos for extra perks, the same is true for IRS refund checks. Once again this year, such bonuses are being paid at El Cortez, Cannery and viagra online real Eastside Cannery.

The offer at El Cortez is a bonus of 5 percent up to a maximum of $50. It’s paid in slot free play, but if you play it through only once, it’s almost the same as cash. At the Cannery and Eastside Cannery, there’s a tiered bonus schedule that runs from $10 to $100 in free play, starting with checks of at least $500. While it’s possible to get more at either Cannery location, the deal isn’t as good on a percentage basis. As it turns out, you’ll get the biggest bonus by cashing a check for any amount up to $4,999 at El Cortez. At $5,000 and above, the Cannery becomes the better choice.

Those are two good options, but this year there’s a new player with a deal that beats them both: Club Fortune on Boulder Highway will award 5 percent of your refund in free play up to $150. This is the same deal as El Cortez up to checks of $1,000, but for refunds of $5,000 or more, Club Fortune is the better call. I’m not certain, but it appears the promotion applies to all government-issued checks and paychecks—meaning it’s potentially not just a one-time tax play. The deal is set to expire at the end of April, but if it continues, consider this play for cashing paychecks, too.

In addition to these free-play bonuses, several casinos will have tax-related promotions April 15. Silverton is offering 14-times points all day, and Hooters is running 10-times points. Both are for slots only, but I can all but guarantee that other multiplier offers that include video poker will show up this week (watch the newspaper ads). Additionally, Arizona Charlie’s Decatur and Boulder are offering Tax Relief Hot Seat cash drawings at 4:15, 6:15 and 8:15 p.m. from April 14-18, with four $200 winners per drawing, plus bonuses.

Finally, this one isn’t for gamblers, but it’s too creative to leave out: Mail your tax return from a designated area in the parking lot at Mandalay Bay on April 15 and get free admission to Shark Reef. Already filed your return? Well, you didn’t hear it from me, but it doesn’t really have to be your tax return in the envelope!

Anthony Curtis is the publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor and