DJs Dropping Fashion With Their Beats

Trying on a trio of Las Vegas’ DJ-owned sneaker and street-wear boutiques

Photo by Jon Estrada

Photo by Jon Estrada

By night, these local DJs may have the masses sweating it out on the dance floors of Las Vegas’ top clubs, but by day, they’ve got stylish Las Vegans sweatin’ the hyper-curated street wear for sale at their local retail outposts. Blending the worlds of fashion and music comes naturally to our globetrotting DJs. As 1 Oak resident Ikon puts it, the two realms “work hand in hand to make the other work more completely. Being an effective marketer in the DJ world is being up on fashion. In return the fashion industry is centered around the music industry.” Join us as we browse three local DJ-owned shops.

KNYEW (Keeping New York Everywhere)

3999 Spring Mountain Rd.,

On Deck: DJ Neva (1 Oak, Drai’s Afterhours, Light Group) and DJ Crooked (Hakkasan, Hyde, Tryst).

DJ Crooked, fill in the blanks: “I’m headed over to KNYEW for some fresh gear for the Drake/Kanye West concert.”

Top-selling item and price: Knyew E-Long Tees ($40).

Crooked, why does the fashion world appeal to DJs? “DJs know that in order to keep getting work you have to stay on top of the latest music. Owning a clothing store, you have to stay on top of the latest trends and fashion so that your customers will continue to want to go shopping in your place of business.”

Photo by Jon Estrada

Photo by Jon Estrada

Feature Sneaker Boutique

3735 W. Spring Mountain Rd., Suite 205,

On Deck: Feature has four main partners, two of whom are DJs: Ajay Bouri, Keith Iavazzi, DJ EJ Luera and Aaron White — also known as DJ Ikon. Ikon’s residencies include Daylight, Bank, Haze, Tryst, Liquid and Rehab. Luera’s current main gig is holding it down at home with, “daughter Lily, daughter Mila and my wifey.”

DJ Luera, fill in the blanks: “Dang. I better get over to Feature, because I really need those new Zanerobe Drop Crotch Sureshot Pants, to wear anywhere and everywhere. (“These are ridiculously popular right now,” he adds, “and come in every color you can think of.”)

Ikon, what do you think gives a DJ an edge in a competitive business such as retail fashion? “DJs are such naturals, because to be successful in the music industry you have to be a very good businessman. The music industry is one of the most competitive and demanding industries in the world.”



In the Cosmopolitan,

On Deck: Co-owned by DJ Vice (Tao Group).

DJ Vice, fill in the blanks: “Time to hit CRSVR for limited-edition Nikes to wear to the club.”

Top-selling item and price: “When we sold the Kanye Air Yeezy 2 Platinum for $275. I have never seen so much hype over a shoe and such massive crowds outside the CRSVR doors.”

How did being a DJ prepare you for a place in the fashion world? “I see so many trends while traveling the world. It was natural to pick them up and bring them back into my business.”